The Barry Bullock Hour

Episode 031 - Eric Cox the Big Time Foreigner presents “Tennis player or Serial Killer?”

January 28, 2020

Big Dog kicks off episode #31 of the #BarryBullockHour with a #BigDogBone about Jetstar - surely not the first criticism levelled at the Australian budget airline, but by far the most entertaining! Kieran defends the consumption of traditional winter liquids stout and soup in the summer months. Why should deliciousness be seasonal? Cal unleashes a ferocious rant at the latest frankenfood to grace Australian supermarket shelves, and Eric, being American, is far less repulsed about the controversial combination of savoury and sweet. He then turns his attention to a quiz, in celebration of the upcoming #AustralianOpen, and presents "Is this person a tennis player or a serial killer?" Can a bloke whose first name is TENNYS actually play the game? Or is this surely a clever double-bluff by the Minnesotan quizmaster? 


All this, and much more!






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