Episode 021 - Mario Karting in Tokyo, more #BowlsChat, Gender Politics in Traffic Management

March 21, 2017

Episode 21 is a long time in the making, but it's here! Summer has been and gone if you look at the calendar, but as the boys settle in on a thirty-degree day in the Kensington Palace it's agreed and Melbourne shifts its season on a whim.

Big Dog turns the conversation briefly to motorsport, much to Callum's chagrin. Kieran suggests there might be ONE motorsport that might interest him. Big Dog's looming wedding and bachelor party are briefly mentioned. Kieran has his eyes fixed firmly on the recent graphic design decisions of certain local sporting establishments. There's more bowls chat #FINALS.

The beverage of choice is Nomad's Long Reef Pale Ale, and spoiler: it's bloody delicious


#BarryBullock Hour #21




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