Episode 018 - Round Two of #AustraliasWorstBeer, buying shares in Parrotdog, the new five dollar note, and AFL Finals

September 20, 2016

The noble hunt for #AustraliasWorstBeer continues on the Barry Bullock Hour, with the second batch of disgraceful brews being shoved down the discerning mouths of the panel. Carlton United Breweries then get roasted for reasons other than their shithouse brews, Kieran lauds the efforts of a young man who successfully petitioned the government at the ripe old age of fifteen, Donald Trump's a twit, Big Dog breaks the furniture shortly after take-off, and Callum manages to participate in the recording despite frequent unannounced urination breaks, and abandoning his Googling post to hunt for treasure in Kieran's kitchen.

It's another blistering hour of beer-fueled lunacy from the Kensington Palace Studio.



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