Episode 020 - The Barry Bullock Hour Christmas party, featuring James Bond controversies, American cricket, #BowlsChat!!!, and complicated co-op board games

December 14, 2016

Episode 20 is a raucous affair, taking place on a glorious Sunday after a round of Extremely Casual Cricket.

In keeping with the Christmas party vibe, Bridge Road's Magical Christmas Unicorn vanilla ice cream ale is cracked out, and is proven to be delicious. Conversation soon turns to cricket in the USA, care of our recently-converted friend Eric Cox. Round ball sports continue to be the theme of the day, as Callum's bowls club booze-up is delved into, in a surprisingly entralling edition of "Bowls Chat." We chat to Dave Massingham of the Sexy Detectives about sketch comedy.

Kieran causes controversy by unleashing a combined bone/golden spatula, as someone is both lauded and slandered, and Big Dog chimes in with an exciting Martin Shkreli update.

A big finish to a big year of big issues!





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