Episode 024 - Aftermath of the Boozy Birthday Brunch, Bold Visions for the future, and half-marathon toilet stategies

June 7, 2018

After an almost year-long (!!) and entirely unintentional hiatus, the #BarryBullockHour is back with a boozy, ramshackle hour of pure un-edited nonsense! The team descend on Richmond's Moondog craft brewery after loading up at a boozy birthday brunch. The result is the Barry Bullock Hour at its loud, unfiltered, controversial best!

Big Dog delves into his medical journals to chronicle the mysteries of gout. Kieran proposes a radical plan to eradicate slow walkers on city footpaths. Callum arrives late despite a twenty-minute headstart from the boozy brunch.

Why is Callum's choice of pant such a hot-button topic? Would a Kieran Bullock-led dictatorship be a humanitarian disaster, or are smooth-moving footpaths worth the (literal) sacrifice?

And which piece of Moondog toilet wall graffiti has everyone talking??






Episode 023 - Sunday session at Three Ravens in Thornbury, Callum gets his noodle out, and NICKELBACK

September 3, 2017

#23 is here, to usher in the change of season! Spring is upon us, and so too another #BarryBullockHour hoon. This time coming to you from the lovely brewery bar at Three Ravens in Thornbury. 

Callum introduces us to the musical intricacies of the "noodle". Kieran inspires heated debate with perhaps the most controversial #GoldenSpatula yet - are Nickelback really THAT bad?

And Big Dog faces the music (not Nickelback) and officially receives his punishment for taking the bronze medal in our long-lost #SocialMediaCenturion.

Get it in your earholes! 


Episode 022 - The Thrilling Finale of #AustraliasWorstBeer, and Kieran challenges Rafael Nadal to a tennis match

July 5, 2017

#22 is a monster episode, coming to you from the Temuka St Studio, aka Callum's house. We're joined by Clem and Kitty and expand the judging panel for the massive finals of #AustraliasWorstBeer. By episode's end, the Golden Turpentine has been awarded, and one the finalists disqualified due to being discontinued! 

Kieran somehow finds himself challenging Rafael Nadal to a tennis match.

Big Dog goes rogue (more than once).

Callum wears a dangerously trendy hat (which you can't see, but it still happened)








Episode 021 - Mario Karting in Tokyo, more #BowlsChat, Gender Politics in Traffic Management

March 21, 2017

Episode 21 is a long time in the making, but it's here! Summer has been and gone if you look at the calendar, but as the boys settle in on a thirty-degree day in the Kensington Palace it's agreed and Melbourne shifts its season on a whim.

Big Dog turns the conversation briefly to motorsport, much to Callum's chagrin. Kieran suggests there might be ONE motorsport that might interest him. Big Dog's looming wedding and bachelor party are briefly mentioned. Kieran has his eyes fixed firmly on the recent graphic design decisions of certain local sporting establishments. There's more bowls chat #FINALS.

The beverage of choice is Nomad's Long Reef Pale Ale, and spoiler: it's bloody delicious


#BarryBullock Hour #21




Episode 020 - Ten-minute snack-sized SUPERCUT

January 5, 2017

Don't have the patience to sit through 50 minutes of glorious podcast pandemonium? Is just too much podcast? Are your eyes bigger than your ears? Fear not! Here's the snack-size version of episode twenty!


Eggnog. Bond. Bowls. All the festive things!


Episode 020 - The Barry Bullock Hour Christmas party, featuring James Bond controversies, American cricket, #BowlsChat!!!, and complicated co-op board games

December 14, 2016

Episode 20 is a raucous affair, taking place on a glorious Sunday after a round of Extremely Casual Cricket.

In keeping with the Christmas party vibe, Bridge Road's Magical Christmas Unicorn vanilla ice cream ale is cracked out, and is proven to be delicious. Conversation soon turns to cricket in the USA, care of our recently-converted friend Eric Cox. Round ball sports continue to be the theme of the day, as Callum's bowls club booze-up is delved into, in a surprisingly entralling edition of "Bowls Chat." We chat to Dave Massingham of the Sexy Detectives about sketch comedy.

Kieran causes controversy by unleashing a combined bone/golden spatula, as someone is both lauded and slandered, and Big Dog chimes in with an exciting Martin Shkreli update.

A big finish to a big year of big issues!





Episode 019 - An #AustraliasWorstBeer boilover, Big Dog’s wedding crasher, Elvis and the CIA, and we try not to talk about Donald Trump and talk about Air Force One instead

November 15, 2016

On a majestic Sunday afternoon in Kensington the boys sit around and are joined, surprisingly, by some guests who arrived unfathomably early for a casual cricket match in the park.

Joined by guest beer pourer Clementine West, the quarter finals of #AustraliasWorstBeer commence, and there's a surprise in the offing as one of the hot favourites fails to make the top 4. 

The recent US election gets a cursory mention, with Donald Trump's shock victory left alone, but his potential choice of air-based transport a topic that requires heated discussion.

And in what we can only assume is a WORLD FIRST (because who else would be daft enough to do it?) we sample the latest offering from Coca-Cola, Coke Ginger.

Episode 19. The big issues, in small bite-sized pieces of lunacy.






Episode 018 - Round Two of #AustraliasWorstBeer, buying shares in Parrotdog, the new five dollar note, and AFL Finals

September 20, 2016

The noble hunt for #AustraliasWorstBeer continues on the Barry Bullock Hour, with the second batch of disgraceful brews being shoved down the discerning mouths of the panel. Carlton United Breweries then get roasted for reasons other than their shithouse brews, Kieran lauds the efforts of a young man who successfully petitioned the government at the ripe old age of fifteen, Donald Trump's a twit, Big Dog breaks the furniture shortly after take-off, and Callum manages to participate in the recording despite frequent unannounced urination breaks, and abandoning his Googling post to hunt for treasure in Kieran's kitchen.

It's another blistering hour of beer-fueled lunacy from the Kensington Palace Studio.



Episode 017 - Ten-minute snack-sized SUPERCUT

September 19, 2016

Don't have the patience to sit through 50 minutes of glorious podcast pandemonium? Is just too much podcast? Are your eyes bigger than your ears? Fear not! Here's the snack-size version of episode seventeen!


Episode 017 - The hunt for #AustraliasWorstBeer begins, the election day sausage sizzle debacle, and Tom Jones

August 9, 2016

Episode 17 sees the beginning of a noble crusade - to blind taste-test sixteen of Australia's worst mass-produced beers and determine which of them is truly the worst. The blindfolded are donned, the bottles and can wrapped up to obscure their labels, and the tastings begin. We drink them, so you don't have to. Eight beers start the podcast, but only four make it through to the fifty-minute mark. 

In between tastings the lads recount their election day shenanigans, Callum has positive words about Perth, and which Hollywood superstar does the Big Dog have firmly in his sights?

All this in fifty minutes of glorious podcasting action. The big issues, in small bite-sized sips of lunacy.